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Peppy Side Hustle Digital Planner



Helpful plan books, to-do lists & other ways to stay organized!


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These are just a few of the products that we offer.

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Starting at $27.00

To-Do List

Plan Books

Keep all your to-do lists in one place and prioritize them for each day of the week. Be sure to see the unique layout designs for these helpful books!

Starting at $30.00

Customized Plan Books

This is a perfect place to “schedule” when you’ll teach your lessons (teachers) or do your homework (students). Check out our easy to use plan book.

Starting at $10.00

Customized Color Schedules

Get your schedule formatted in this easy to read document. Available in digital & hardcopy options.

“It was so fun designing my new lesson plan book! I can’t wait to use it for the new school year.”

Tyler C.

Teacher - Hartford, CT

“Laura’s teacher planners are custom designed to look professional and get you highly organized for the school year.”

Meredith K-P

Teacher - Coventry, CT


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