Welcome to Total Timesavers where my goal is to assist others one random resource at a time!

If you haven’t figured out through the other pages of my site yet, my name is Laura (Boates) Hipp.

I love collecting & creating resources for people to help make their lives easier.  It’s also my hope that I can offer inspiration to others through these pages!


Throughout my weird journey in education, I have figured out that I enjoy teaching. Period.

It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, or what age group I am working with. I just like to work with others and help them learn something new. 😁

I’ve taught a multitude of subjects through my current position as a teacher of gifted & talent students.  Another exciting part of my position is offering enrichment opportunities to all students in our 6-8 middle school.  And I’m super glad I got to work with all ages in my previous position as a music teacher.  I spent 16 years working with students from Pre-K through 12 in all aspects of music & theater!  🎼 🎭

I love acting, singing, reading, learning, sharing, emoji’s & especially dancing! Family is important to me, even though I don’t get to see them much. 😟 And my mind is always working on cool ideas that I can’t wait to share with you! 🤓


One of reasons I started this site is because of the customized planners that I design & create for teachers. I’ve had so many people interested in the lesson plan books I was using.  So I started making them for others.  And now I make several different versions, including one specially designed for students.

Poke around and see if there’s anything that can help or inspire you. (That is our Total Timesavers goal you know!)

Let me know if there’s something you wish I did offer. That’s usually how my new products are developed. So don’t be shy!


Thanks for visiting! 🤗

­– Laura 💛



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