Bring Future Problem Solving to YOUR School!

By incoprorating this competitive international program into your school community, you will raise the level of critical thinking and communication skills amongst your students!

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Benefits of Future Problem Solving

Start giving your students opportunities to make a difference.

This is an incredible program that allows students to stretch their thinking and practice valuable skills for their future success.

Students research real-world problems and possible solution ideas for an academic competition that is based on their concise communication skills.

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Researching Skills

Learn how to research real world topics using primary source documents and reputable information sources.

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Brainstorming Creativity

There are so many opportunities for students to practice brainstorming and creativity in this program! They will amaze you the more they work on this skill. 

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Problem Solving Process

Learn to use the 6-step process to solve problems of all kinds that students can take with them throughout life.

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Presentation Skills

Once teams of students have completed their action plan they are given the opportunity to “present” this in a unique way. A perfect real-world application where they persuade the audience that their solution is the best to solve the problem.

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Real-World Issues

Learn about the challenges and future of topics like Deforestation, Toxic Materials, Personalized Medicine, & Green Building.

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Community Awareness

Life outside of the school community begins to take shape as students learn about how each topic effects all kinds of people across the globe.

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Communication Effectiveness

With each step of the process it helps students to practice the clarity in which they write. By the end of the year even they will see a difference in their communication skills.

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Futuristic Thinking

The topics are real world, but the solutions are based 20 to 50 years in the future. Students do research on current trends and make projections on what solutions might be viable to help future problems.

Future Problem Solvers Program Competition Components


Global Issues Problem Solving

This is primarily what these packages will be focused on. It can be implemented with 3-4 person teams or individuals.


Scenario Writing

Using one of the topics for the season students get to practice their creative writing skills while implementing the 6-step process.


Scenario Performance

With this component, students write a futuristic story about one of the topics and then “tell” it to their audience.


Community Problem Solving

This component is the most challenging, but the most rewarding. Students choose a community issue and go through all the steps to actually work toward solving it!

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Let me help you get started!

Unsure where to begin?

Not sure when you are going to make this happen?

You already have so much to do each day why not let me help you streamline the process of getting this amazing program started for you and your students.

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Spring Prep Session

Get started in the spring so you’re ready to hit the ground running in the fall!

This package includes a comprehensive coaches training to help you understand the program, along with several steps you can take before the school year ends.

You’ll have access to pre-recorded sessions that will walk you through all of the steps to get you and your students ready for participating in The Future Problem Solvers Program in the fall!

I’ll walk you through all of the paperwork, how to secure funding, and how to begin preparing your students for this rigorous program.

Three group coaching calls will also be included at predesignated times throughout April & May to help answer all your questions.

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Comprehensive Coaches Training

Learn this problem solving process and how to teach it to your students.

Through self-guided video tutorials & live workshops, I will walk you through each step of this process. You will gain clarity on what is expected at the competition level and ways to help your students thrive with this amazing program.

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Seasonal Mentor

Let me help you all season long!

Through focused bi-weekly group coaching sessions we will walk side-by-side through the season of Future Problem Solvers. You will have access to all of the activities and lessons I will be doing with my own students so you can focus on understanding the program and giving feedback to your students.

We will analyze your evaluations for each of the topics so you can help your students feel successful. Participating in at least the “Mentor” level of competition is required, along with purchasing the topic units of study from the FPSPI Mart.

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These sessions are not affiliated with The Future Problem Solvers Program International. They are meant primarily for schools that reside in a place that does NOT already have an affiliate established.

If you are unsure whether your state (or country) has an affiliate already, please CLICK HERE to check with the international website.

By participating in these sessions it’s  expected that you and your school will participate in at least the mentorship program through the FPSPI association. Which I will gladly help you with.

If your state already exists as an affiliate with FPSPI, then I encourage you to reach out to them first for their coaches training and mentorship opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.

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What is this Future Problem Solvers Program? 

If you are new to this program and want to learn more about it, you can check out the official International Future Problem Solvers website or check out the video below.

Which package should I purchase?

If it’s before April, the best package to purchase is the Spring Prep Session.

If it’s between June & September, you should go with the Coaches Training Session that happens in the early fall.

If you want to save more time developing lessons and understanding the nuances of the season, then sign up as a district for the Seasonal Mentor package.

What grade levels can participate in this program?

Students in grades 4 through 12 can participate at the competition level. The process itself can be implemented at younger ages as well.

These packages are primarily for coaches of students in grades 4-12.

What if I'm not sure my district will be able to fund this kind of program?

This is a common question. I break this down & help you devise a plan for long term support in the Spring Prep and Seasonal Mentor packages.

To get started, see the links below that will help your administrator (or funding possibility) see the benefits of this program.

Do I need to be there live for every coaching session?

No. It’s so much more helpful if you can be there, because then everyone can benefit from all the questions. However, sessions will be recorded and members of the cohort will have access to them throughout the season.

Do I have to be a teacher to be a coach?

No. Many programs run outside of the school day with coaches that are parents or involved members of the community.

If you have a passion for helping students become positive contributors to our society, this is the place to be! Click that “I’m Read!” button over there. 😉

What if I want to start at a different time of the year?

Right now these programs are designed around the topics offered in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please email me directly to discuss possible options.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and just want to get started at a different time of the year, consider the Coaches Training option and contact me for other opportunties. 

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Self-Guided Online Courses

You’ll have lifetime access to all of the videos related to the package you purchase, including all upgrades and content adjustments as they are made.

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Live Coaching Sessions

Take advantage of the live group coaching sessions for each of the packages offered. There will be lots of great ideas shared and tricks that won’t be shared anywhere else!

Ready to get started?