Future Problem Solvers Coaching Packages


What is this Future Problem Solvers Program? 

If you are new to this program and want to learn more about it, you can check out the official International Future Problem Solvers website or check out the video below.

Which package should I purchase?

If it’s before April, the best package to purhase is the Spring Prep Session.

If it’s between June & September, you should go with the Coaches Training Session.

If you want to save more time developing lessons and understanding the nuances of the season, then sign up as a district for the Seasonal Mentor package.

What grade levels can participate in this program?

Students in grades 4 through 12 can participate at the competition level. The process itself can be implemented at younger ages as well.

These packages are primarily for coaches of students in grades 4-12.

What if I'm not sure my district will be able to fund this kind of program?

This is a common question. I break this down & help you devise a plan for long term support in the Spring Prep and Seasonal Mentor packages.

To get started, see the links below that will help your administrator (or funding possibility) see the benefits of this program.

Do I need to be there live for every coaching session?

No. It’s so much more helpful if you can be there, because then everyone can benefit from all the questions. However, sessions will be recorded and members of the cohort will have access to them throughout the season.

Do I have to be a teacher to be a coach?

No. Many programs run outside of the school day with coaches that are parents or involved members of the community.

If you have a passion for helping students become positive contributors to our society, this is the place to be! Click that “I’m Read!” button over there. 😉

What if I want to start at a different time of the year?

Right now these programs are designed around the topics offered in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please email me directly to discuss possible options.

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and just want to get started at a different time of the year, consider the Coaches Training option and contact me for other opportunties.