Planners & To-Do List Books

Organizational Tools for both Teachers AND Students!!


Custom Designed

Total Timesavers creates organizational tools specially designed for education. Planners for STUDENTS, Lesson Plan Books for TEACHERS and To-Do List Books for ANYONE!

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District Calendar

Know when all of your days off are right inside your plan book!

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Front Cover Designs

Choose from lots of designs and fonts for your front cover.

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Lie Flat Flexibility

With the spiral design, you can flip the book backward to see one page at a time easily.

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Quality Paper

32 lb. paper is used throughout the book to allow for durability and heavy use.

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Add your schedule

Add your own personal schedule or list of classes to make it even easier to keep track of things!

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Add a pocket cover

Add a heavy duty, poly cover with pockets to keep all your loose papers in.

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Add extra pages

Add pages like Notes, To-Do Lists, and Password pages to enhance your personal needs.

Planner Examples

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“These planners are so helpful to me when I’m trying to organize my school schedule, home responsibilities, and all of my homework!”

Stephanie P.


“Laura’s teacher planners are custom designed to look professional and get you highly organized for the school year!  She is meticulous with details and makes the ordering process smooth and efficient.”

Meredith K-P

English Teacher