Most of us are spending the holidays differently this year. We need ideas about how to spice up a virtual space that’s family friendly and easy to implement. I too am trying to navigate this virtual party space with my own family. So, I thought I would share some ideas here with this list of easy virtual holiday party games for the whole family!


All of the games below are meant to be played in good fun. You can incorporate a point system to any of them, but sometimes it’s good to just play without the pressure.

If you feel like your family needs the competition as a motivator, add scoring in little bits here and there. Don’t feel like you need it for every single game.


I come from the experiential education world where we identify activities by their equipment needs. We call them “props.” So, the activities below are broken out into NO PROP, LOW PROP, and SOME PROPS games.

No prop games are designed for you not to need anything in order to play them, except maybe a list.

For low prop and some props games you will need to collect items ahead of time in order to be ready to play them with your guests.

Hopefully these categories will help you find the kinds of games that will suite your family and prep time the best.



#1 Twenty Questions

We’ll start with a good stand-by game that is often forgotten. And I’m not talking about all of the questions you get from your children or students with this one. 😉

How to Play:
  • One person secretly chooses a noun (person, place or thing)
  • Once they have a noun in mind, the other people at the “party” take turns asking yes or no questions to try and guess what noun they are thinking of.
  • When someone guesses the correct answer, everybody cheers!!

#2 Family Trivia

How well do you know your family? Send a survey ahead of time with questions people can answer about themselves. You can then give the answers to these questions as the party progresses with your guests trying to figure out who gave that specific answer. Use the poll feature in Google Meet or Zoom for more fun and to see collective thoughts.

Here are some question ideas:
  • What is the strangest Christmas present you ever received?
  • What one question would you ask Santa if you could?
  • What is your favorite holiday food?
  • What is your favorite Christmas movie?
  • What’s something you did this year that helped you stay on the nice list?

Want a questionnaire that’s already done for you? CLICK HERE for a Holiday Questionnaire Form that you can make your own and send within minutes!


#3 Silent Night Charades

You could play classic charades together, OR you could play Silent Night Charades! What’s the difference you ask?

Well, Silent Night Charades is about guessing which song you are acting out, instead of an action.


Wait … What!?!


How to Play:
  • Have each family come up with the song they want everyone to try to guess. Then they act it out.
  • Take turns with each person or family acting out different songs.
  • However, if another family acts out a song you were planning to do, then you have to choose a new one!

#4 Would You Rather

There are so many versions of this game out there it’s not even funny!

How to Play:
  • One person (usually the host) provides the prompt.
  • Go around the group and ask people to make a choice as to which they would rather do and why.
  • These are also great conversation starters.


#1 Chubby Elf

This one comes with lots of laughter and yummy marshmallows. It’s similar to a game called Chubby Bunny if you’ve ever played that.


Bag of large marshmallows (1 per household or just for the host)

List of famous quotes or phrases

CLICK HERE for some holiday Chubby Elf Cards already done for you!


How to Play:

One person is the “Chubby Elf” (psst … they need the marshmallows)

  • This person could be the host or someone else that volunteers.
  • Or you could trade it around to the different families at your virtual party.

The Chubby Elf puts several marshmallows in their mouth

  • Add these to your invitation so your guests come ready to play.
  • Not so many that they might choke, but enough that makes it hard to understand what they are saying.

They then choose up to five phrases from the “deck”

  • This “deck” can either be a list (if you only have one Chubby Elf) or it can be sent to them as a personal chat in your virtual platform. (Or maybe you text it to them if that’s easier.)

Once they have their phrases, set the timer for 3 minutes

  • They have to say the phrases with all of the marshmallows in their mouth and try to get the group to guess each correct phrase.



#2 Pictionary

Even if you think you can’t draw, this one is fun! Sometimes it’s more fun if you’re like me and your dogs get mistaken for turtles. 🤪


Ideas that can be used for drawing

Blank paper and a writing utensil for each household


Google account login to access a virtual drawing pad that can be presented at your meeting


How to Play:
  • Goal = One person draws the word they are given, and the rest have to guess what that word or phrase is.
  • Guessing = This could be the entire group, or just the people “on their team”
  • Ideas = You could have each family bring a few ideas to the party and then take turns having each family text the word to the person who has to draw.
  • Drawing = You might want to allow the drawer to do most of their drawing first and then hold it up so the others can try to guess.
  • OR – you could use an online tool to draw with. These are more entertaining because people have to use the mouse for drawing. Plus, everyone can see them better.
    • Use Google Drawings or Google Jamboard for your picture creations and then have them share or present their screen.
    • If you use Google Meet, the Jamboard feature may already be built into the meeting. Test this out beforehand.



#3 Name That Tune

As a previous music teacher, I love this game! It’s also great in building a sense of ownership with the party when you ask each family to help you out with this. 

Ask them all to bring their own song list to the party for other people to guess.

You could include it in your invitation so that everyone is ready and excited to play this game.


#4 Holiday Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are always fun! They can be as easy or as complex as you want to get. I love how versatile hunts can be.

How to Play:

Explain the game and set some ground rules.

  • Maybe they can’t go beyond the room, or they can’t get into someone else’s things.
  • If they are old enough have them help you set the rules.

Give the name of an item that your guests can go get from their homes somewhere and bring it back to the meeting.

  • Whoever brings the item back first gets to choose the next item.


If you want to get fancy, you could share your screen and present the game in Google Slides or PowerPoint. It could also work well in a Jamboard on Google Meets.

  • Type out the item you want them to find on SLIDE ONE
  • Then you can keep score on SLIDE TWO
  • Don’t forget to save time for show & tell!

BONUS:  If you’ve got a teen or someone willing to facilitate this activity, it could be done in a breakout room just for the kids while the adults talk amongst themselves. 😃



#1 Guess Who

This one will require every household to have a Guess Who game.


   Guess Who games

How to Play:

Normally this game is played with only two people, but in a virtual version you can play with as many games as you want (as long as everyone has the same version).

  • Each person, with a board of “people” chooses one of the faces on the board to be their person.
  • You can then take turns going around the group asking yes or no questions to others that are playing.
  • You are trying to try guess which person they chose.

To keep it fair, you might suggest that each person only gets to ask one other person a question about the character they chose. And can only make two guesses about who they think which specific character each person chose.

  • For example, on my turn I can ask Uncle Joe if the person he chose has brown hair.
  • And if I wanted to guess who Uncle Joe’s character was, I could only make two guesses over the course of the game.

If you want a quicker game, you could allow each person to ask more than one person a question at a time. And to be able to make multiple guesses about who their character is they chose.

  • For example, on my turn I could ask Uncle Joe if his character has brown hair AND I could ask my cousin if they chose someone with a hat.
  • And I could try to guess who Uncle Joe’s character is as many times as I wanted.

Once someone guesses the character you chose, you become an observer.

  • As an observer, you can ask yes or no questions still, but you cannot make guesses as to which specific character name anyone else chose.


Hmm … umm … email me if this got confusing for you. 🙄


#2 What If …

This is a fun one to play with people who might not like games but enjoys spending time with others.

It’s a fun activity to see how other people see you and it almost always sparks interesting conversations.


One Imaginiff game

  • unfortunately these are hard to come by, but you should be able to find something on Amazon or Ebay.
  • Stay tuned, I will be making a virtual one in the near future!
How to Play:
  • The group decides who at the party they would like to feature.
  • The host chooses a card from the “deck” (either virtual or from the official game) and poses the question, “What if … “ inserting the person’s name where appropriate.
  • Go around the group to see which answer each would give based on what they know of the featured person chosen.
  • The featured person waits until last to give the answer they think best describes them. How close was everyone else to the answer they gave?


Imaginiff _______ were a dessert. Which would they be?

1. cupcake | 2. pie | 3. chocolate mousse | 4. ice cream | 5. cake | 6. cookies

** This is different than the way the board game rules suggest, but I like this version the best when you are playing virtually.


#3 Trivia

A list of party games wouldn’t be complete without this timeless classic!

The cool part is that you don’t have to play just ONE kind of trivia.  Here are some suggestions you could try at your holiday party.

  • Take turns using questions from each other’s trivia games. That way you can play traditional for one round, Disney for the second round, and Star Wars for the third round! 😃
  • Play Holiday Trivia!

Participants can answer using the chat or poll features in Google Meets or Zoom.

  • Incorporate the raise hand reaction as a makeshift buzzer.

You could also just see “Hey, who knows the answer to this one?” and let that be your conversation starter.


#4 Holiday Bingo 

This tried-and-true activity is always a favorite.

Send out the bingo cards ahead of time so your guests will be ready to play when you start the party!

Or you could send them a digital copy and ask them to print it off themselves.


Try my version of Holiday Party Bingo where your guests play as the party progresses.

Or try a more traditional version, like these Holiday Bingo boards HERE.

If you get the BONUS version, it comes with individual files for each of your guests!!



It’s a good idea to prepare your guests ahead of time. Let them know you plan to play a game (or several) so that they can come to your “party” in the right state of mind.

That way they won’t be caught off guard. You won’t feel badly that they might be grumpy about playing the games. And your hard work to put all of this together doesn’t go unnoticed.


Don’t plan to do ALL of these games at your party!

This is WAY too many.

People won’t want to stay on a virtual meeting that long.

Keep it to one or two (maybe three) games and intersperse talking regularly.

Your guests will thank you for providing both entertainment and time to chat with each other.


There are so many fun ideas out there. These are just a few of them that you can use at your holiday party this year! If you haven’t seen it already, check out my other post about simple Holiday Activity Ideas for the whole family.


So … to recap … here is your list of easy virtual holiday party games again.





You can find helpful timesaving versions for some of these in our SHOP.


BONUS = Save time and money by purchasing a bundle! Choose The Holiday Bingo Bundle or The Ultimate Holiday Game Bundle with ALL of our holiday products!


Good luck & happy holidays!


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